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Millie and Severson General Contractors.

Millie and Severson General Contractors

3/4″ Acrylic Dimensional lettering stud mounted

Bring depth and character to your lettering. Architectural lettering, also referred to as 3D or Three Dimensional lettering, can take your interior or exterior signage to the next level. This type of lettering affords a raised dimensional look giving your lettering and/or graphics a depth that you can’t achieve with standard cut vinyl surface lettering.

Dimensional lettering can be utilized both indoors and outdoors and are made from quality materials such as acrylic, PVC, aluminum, all sorts of different metals, wood, plastic and high density foam. All these materials are very durable and are guaranteed to last practically a lifetime. Dimensional signage has a plethora of options when it comes to fonts and colors and finishing options. From injection molded lettering to flat cut lettering to prismatic or sculpted faces, the possibilities are endless, especially when you consider that we can fabricate dimensional lettering from your own art files, to create a completely custom three dimensional sign utilizing your personal design or company branded logo. Any way you look at it, dimensional lettering, will elevate and enhance your architectural signage producing visually stunning 3D effects at a low-cost with high impact results