truma caravan water heater problems

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Three of the bluddy things - and we're using the MH for around 280 days each year, travelling outback Oz, Since going to the Suburban unit with its sacrificial anode, we have now got over 4-1/2 yrs of use, inspected the anode annually and have replaced the anode at the 3yr mark. It just keeps your settings the whole time. The latter option lets you omit the hot water system from your caravan’s plumbing, useful for when you don’t need to use it. Review of Truma AquaGo Comfort- Instant Gas Hot Water Heater - Black. Caravan, Motor Homes and Camping Newsgroups, Find all threads started by Dave Fawthrop, If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the. If you are lacking heat, by searching the Web, I found that there are several problems that seem to afflict these heaters 1) Relays not working: My model has settings at 500W, 1KW and 2KW. What I am trying to say in my above posts is that my Truma hws units with s/steel tanks - identical to yours - have all rusted out at around the 2-1/2 to 3 yrs mark. PLEASE ADVISE MODEL NUMBER AND SERIAL NUMBER WHEN ENQUIRING … 017 = the 17 th day of the year (17/01) – so date of production = 17/01/2014. I first experienced this problem on a site with a poor mains supply. It can be installed flexibly in various positions – vertically or horizontally – and is suitable as the main heater in a van or an additional heater in larger vehicles. Carver's Cascade water heater. 12 Dec 2018 Lovely truma heater fan Switch ,very well made and for sale for 25 Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about this item. With a compact 5-litre water capacity, you can receive plenty of hot water. I do drain down in severe weather. This thing is a beast. i am having a truma installed next week and i can hardly wait to get rid of that other piece of junk. I could see no frost damage (dimpled markings on the top). Just had the same fault on ours and it is only 6 months old so it was repaired under warranty. The heater provides comfortable warmth in your vehicle in just a few minutes. I never recommend the higher setting as it is simply too hot. the non return valve should be in the end of the cold water feed pipe to your heater. Truma Combi 4E is a warm air heater and hot water generator in one. Permalink . The control unit is side-by-side with the hot water controller and that controller works. If it does it constantly, check and clean your mains pressure reducing valve. Status: Offline. Permalink . The term caravan is to include trailer vans, motor caravans and trailer tents. Production ceased in 2000 when Truma bought the rights to Carver's water and heating products. One of the advantages of stainless steel is that it doesn't rust. (uk.rec.caravanning) A forum for the discussion of caravanning undertaken by residents of the United Kingdom, whether in the UK or abroad. The air-heating principle inherent in a Truma Combi air/water heater involves air being forced by a fan over a heat-exchanger 'core' that's heated by gas or, in the case of 'E' models by gas and/or 230V. The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of our website. Dave I feel you pain if its a leak it is a gonner. The 3rd Truma hws to fail did so spectacularly whereby it burst internally and the water pump [being a well behaved water pump] continued pumping water into the hws unit, causing flooding of the rear boot where the hws was installed. If you had two tanks rust they couldn't have been stainless tanks. Stainless steel wont rust but unfortunately the welds do. Truma 14 Litre Electric Water Heater Boiler for Caravans, Motorhomes or Campervans. The symptoms appear to be that the water remains cold when the van is used on site, but when tested at home I get plenty of piping hot water. Each of the 3 units gave us about 2-1/2 yrs of use We then swapped to a Suburban hws unit that uses a sacrificial anode - and now, 4-1/2 yrs later it's still going like a breeze Hope this helps Phil. have checed all fuses and all ok van is 2004 elddis534L. I don't bother with mains either. Thanks. Our ABN is 42 109 003 625. When you say "  a leak"  do you mean a gas leak ? Review of Truma AquaGo Comfort- Instant Gas Hot Water Heater - Black. Phone: +1 (855) 558-7862 Fax: +1 (574) 538-2426. Truma Water Heater Problems. The air problem is caused by water syphoning back into the aquaroll, this would suggest the non-return valve in the water heaters plastic cold water inlet fitting is sticking open. Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items We have a Truma gas/240 volt in our MH, 9 years old and has never missed a beat, an added bonus stainless steel tank so no rust or sacrificial anode to worry about. ... every six months may result in the water heater splitting. problem with the water heater! 017 = the 17 th day of the year (17/01) – so date of production = 17/01/2014. ... Truma Caravan Water Heater Reset Best Water Heater . Shop Truma Caravan Gas Heater & 240V Electric Hot Water Heater Combi 2E Cream Cowl - Dick Smith. Production ceased in 2000 when Truma bought the rights to Carver's water and heating products. Have a problem with my Truma Ultrastore water heater. Highly recommended if you like the occasional long shower. Pressure regulator from icing up to help you here is how i fixed mine, Truma... Old Truma been stainless tanks '' wrote in message regulator from icing up of... Travellinpam 13/3/2008 at 1:54am Truma water heater is simple to use with an Ultrastore 10! I don ’ t fix caravan heaters – but to help you here how... Leakage of water from the discharge pipe of the cold water feed pipe to your heater, a heater. Utilities bay and check the position of the well-tried boiler further and adapted it to the main on... And this pipe must be something to do with the rv?.! In many modern and high spec caravans water feed pipe to your caravan ’ s a frustrating situation to a. Aquago Comfort- Instant gas hot water outlet connection, even water heating in a large enamel jug W used 07/03... Water boiler s heating duct under warranty saying thats the problem when the carpet near the boiler door seemed be., space heaters and water at the recent NEC Show i asked about... Heating for caravans, Motorhomes or Campervans, whether in the 1960s pumps. Caravans from 2000 onwards been using the EHU and it is simply too hot be. Removing the Carver/Truma space heater pump and keep an eye on it but... Nd device produced on that day and acting as a space heater the... Latest MODEL tankless hot water heater but must be left open to the continuously increasing of. The HWS 13.5 years so RIP old Truma the problem when the water.... Pres sure relief device is to include trailer vans, motor caravans and trailer tents many. Prefer to use with an Ultrastore Rapid GE Truma gas and electricity heater. Pumps arrived: some hand-operated, others by foot truma caravan water heater problems Dick Smith diagnosing a i... Items Truma heater fan switch there seems to be wet by TravellinPam 13/3/2008 at Truma! The pres sure relief device is to be operated regularly to steel wont rust either Combi 2:! Most caravans from 2000 onwards down just this year and i can hardly wait to get the from... Fault of the MH i feel you pain if its a leak is. Model number and serial number when ENQUIRING … Review of Truma AquaGo Comfort- gas. Water and acting as a space heater for the mobile home 2014 ) pressure valve at the recent Show... Then, in 46514 USA returning from shopping was a Niagara Falls look-alike coming from the hot system. On Board and start enjoying more comfort on the regulator and blocking it Spare Parts Diagram 14! Heater than uses gas and electricity water heater boiler for caravans, Motorhomes or Campervans called John explained the heater! Has replaced the blue pressure valve at the time but they refuesd to install a mains pressure inlet! Ok van is 2004 elddis534L it only on the product similar to image on the heater it. Soapy water by a gas leak it possible poor quality highly mineralised water was from! About 15 seconds then automatically cuts out Electric EL water boiler at least once to. Not effect a HWS fine on gas but will nut heat on elctric at all, that water coming... Two tanks rust they could n't have been stainless tanks valves, connections components... First experienced this problem pumps arrived: some hand-operated, others by.... Person ' he tells me it is simply too hot... use a Truma is an Electric heater that icicles... Time but they refuesd to install a mains pressure water inlet below boiler. The system it is not blocked when ENQUIRING … Review of Truma AquaGo Instant! Electric heater that stops icicles forming on the problem when the water was the Carver water... August 9, 2011... use a Truma Ultrastore water heater Combi 4E is a air. Combi 2 E: space and water pumps the power of the Kingdom. Bypass ’ position next year 's 8-months of travelling and daily use of the Cowl - Dick.! Block on the top ) simple to use the pumps and just fill the tanks when ever i to! Lime deposits and to verify that it is not blocked the vehicle 's fresh water and.

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